Monday, July 11, 2005


I recently ran into some coworkers in the square of my town. They had a friend that I did not know. I was introduced and promptly held out my hand as way of greeting. The friend took my fingers with the edge of her fingers and thumb. Ick. The grip was limp, and thank god, quick. I was left with the feeling of complete non-interest, in not only me but her surroundings.

I had heard that one could tell a lot about a person from their handshake. I've been told that many women will apply a power grip when meeting a powerful man. Then there are men and women whose grip is barely there. Of course my favorite is the cordial handshake; not strong but not limp; firm and relaxed.

I often ignore handshakes in making a judgment about a person. They are indicators of who the person may be, but not the most reliable. However, a limp grip, though not great, is still preferred to the one I received the other day.

I talked with my coworkers, laughed with them, and then went on my way. I am left with the impression of complete distaste from the woman I was introduced to. I take it as a lesson that a handshake conveys more than I perhaps realized.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Fear affects us all. It's as powerful a motivator as anything else. Yet, fear can also stop us in our tracks.

I have always tried not let fear control my behavior. Too often, however, I am driven underground ignoring what needs my detailed attention. This behavior last too long. Before long I get bored; slowly taking on the process of giving my attention to vanquish the fear.

Setbacks are just that until the setbacks take a back seat. I overcome them by ignoring the fear and jump in with both feet without looking. I swim through the mess until it is conquered.

My fear is not gone; it is temporarily ignored.