Sunday, December 14, 2008

my mind

Freezing air hits my skin as turn over and burrow under the covers. The power, and in turn the heat, have been out for two days. I am miserable. My head hurts because my asthma is acting up. The love of my life is fairing no better. Neither us wants to get up and yet we both want to leave our new home as soon as possible.

The ice storm on Thursday has taken a toll on us. We are not sleeping well. Our dog, Shadow, is also feeling the affects of the cold. He is up and down all night. We have to watch him. Shadow had surgery Thursday and cannot move around excessively. We cannot tell if he is cold or in pain or both as he moves around during the night.

We eventually leave the house for my finance's art studio where the heat and power are on. We loaded our 92 pound lab in the back of the car with the baby/dog gate, dog bed, and sling for the knee operated on. On the way we pick up coffee.

I immediately slump to the floor of the studio once there; the dog and my coffee beside me. David is painting but going slowly because he is worn out. While painting, David suggests going to my mom's for the night. We can't take another night at home without power.

After a few hours in the studio, we load the dog and all his accessories back into the car and head north to Maine and my mom's house.

My mom's house is warm and warming to our exhausted minds and bodies. We sink into her guest bed as if we have never been warm and comfortable before.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Crowd

I was finally there, three people deep from the stage, in room packed to capacity. Two thousand of us stood waiting expectantly turned towards the stage. Sweat was pouring off me in sheets. A feeling formed in the my stomach; dehydration mixed with caution.

A fight broke out three people over from me. More shoving from hightened male testosterone than actual punching. Security quickly stepped in and dragged a slightly ineberiated male away from the cause of his ire.

I turned to Tim, my concert friend. "Should we go towards the back? I'm dying from the heat." Tim and I immediately headed toward the back of the hall. I stopped at place with room to move and visability of the stage. Tim continued on to bar to order us water.

Band members appeared almost as soon as we stopped. The show of my beloved Social Distortion started. Elation soared through me. I began to move to songs I love.

Tim appeared with the water. I gulped greedily. Tim yelled in my ear, "I am glad we moved back." as he nodded to the mosh pit forming in the center of the hall. I smiled back.

Social D and the audience continued, in tune with each other. Excitement, movement, and full fledged release pulsed through the room echoing from band to crowd and back again until the culmination of the show broke an hour later. Overhead lights came on and calm happiness settled over the crowd.

Some people left with marks from the experience. Tim and I saw two bloody nose hurry past at different points during the show. My bruised leg? The bruises came earlier in the day from hopping from one boat to another and missing the later.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Seven Continued... the Book addition

This post has taken way too long, as you shall see, mainly because I have can't remember the names of the books I am reading or have read.

Memorial Day weekend was absolutely relaxing. Mom and I headed up the coast to Camden, Maine. Everyone should see Camden. The town is situated on a beautiful inlet. Three tall ships call Camden home during the summer. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

Book edition:

Seven books I am "into". Books I am "into" is a little more tricky for me than music. There is no current list vs all time list. For consistency sake, I am going to list books I like I have recently read.

1) "The Meaning of Night": Michael Cox. The story is a confession of obsession leading to murder. The setting is Victorian England enriched in shadows and aristocracy. The novel is written from the murderer's perspective; interesting in fact because the murderer is also the protagonist.

2) "The Stranger": Albert Camus. Translation by Matthew Ward. Drenched in layers, the story follows the nondescript life of a man who life takes extraordinary turns. The character's interaction or lack thereof with those around him have significant consequences and is thought provoking.

3) "Wide Sargasso Sea": Jeanne Rhys. A disturbing story about a woman who loses her identity to others around her, well written and engaging.

4) I am reserving this spot for a book of poems I received recently. I love the poems but I can't remember the name of the book or the poet. Sad I know.

5) "The Dante Club" : Matthew Pearl. I have just started the novel and am engaged.

6) "The Ailenist": Caleb Carr. I have recently reread The Ailenist. I love books which are not only pychological but have a historical context. I could only wish more books were as engaging.

7) "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows": I am estatic with anticipation of the lastest and the last in the Potter series. I reread all JK Rowling's Potter novels three times; once when the book comes out, again when the movie comes out, and again before the next book in the series is published. I am sad The Deathly Hollows will be the only novel I will only read twice. How many books are you happy, or willing, to reread?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am stealing, again, with a twist. Seven Songs and Seven Books.

The name of the game is name 7 songs I am "into" and why. (I stole this from the lovely Tiff.) I am giving you a list of the songs I like currently and not an all time song list. I have decided to add books. We'll see if I take the books back at the end.

1) Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: "Thou Shall Always Kill". Even you don't like electronica or the monobeat of this song, the lyrics will have you laughing or nodding in recognition. Along the lines of Lazyboy "Underwear Goes Inside the Pants" with less serious social implications, the song lays out a larger view of some of mankind's silliness. My latest love.

2) David Bowie/Freddie Mercury: "Under Pressure". There was a time, a Vanilla Ice time, when I could not bear to hear this song without shuddering. I am glad I have the song back in my repertoire. I truly am in love with it. "Under Pressure" is a release for me.

3) Jeff Buckley: "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. I saw the biographical movie of Leonard Cohen's life. "Hallelujah" was one of the only songs I recognized. The man however is amazing. Everyone and their dog has done a version of this song. Jeff Buckley does one of my favorite renditions however. One of my favorite verses:

Well baby I've been here before
I’ve seen this room and I've walked this floor
(You Know)I used to live alone before I knew ya
And I've seen your flag on the marble arch
And Love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

The whole song is a set of strong eloquent but simple verses. I am moved every time I hear it.

4) Elvis Costello: "Oliver's Army", "Accidents Will Happen", "Tear off Your Own Head" and so many more. Elvis Costello has an array of songs which never become stale. I play the song which suits my current mood. The man is a genius.

5) Magnapop: "Lay it Down". For me "Lay it Down" is a song to be played when I am overwhelmed or frustrated. When I play this song I want to make changes, realize the futility of things in the world I can't change, and recognize the consequences of my own actions.

6) Social Distortion: "Highway 101". A song to step on the pedal and drive faster. I remember driving in Southern Cal when I heard this song. I reaffirm something in me when I play the CD.

7) Sam Cooke: "Twisting the Night Away". Do I really need to say anything about this song? The best 'just dance and forget everything' song.

I am going for eight because I realized I left out another favorite.

8) Jack Johnson: "Banana Pancakes" or "Bubble Toes". Both are songs I relax to; I let everything go and smile.

Books will be part two.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Kids are Alright

I am a bit on the poky side after being in Atlanta.

The best part about being Atlanta is my friends and my godchildren; S and A.

Friday night was probably the most thrilling. A... was the relief pitcher in his little league game. He kept the only two hits to the infield which resulted in outs and struck out a batter. The night could not have been happier. Sunday A... moved up to a yellow belt in karate and broke a board at the belt ceremony. Sunday, S... also opened her birthday presents from me. She was happy with them which made me happy.

Saturday I spent with friends. Saw Invisible Saturday night. I like the movie but think the previews are misleading.

Do you remember dittos? Wierd how the school language slips back to me. Not copies. Copies are what I bring to a meeting. Dittos are what a teacher hands you for homework. A... recieves a lot of dittos. Monday I helped him with his homework. Math believe it or not. He's working on multiplication and division.

A... and I were working on a division problem. I instructed A... to put a decimal down, and he said his class what not working on decimals yet. I asked if A... if he wanted to impress his teacher and do decimals instead of putting the remainder. "Nah", was my answer.

I revel in moments like these. Overall being with my friends give me a sense of peace making leaving difficult.

We all, my friends and I, have changed; the fundamental part of ourselves remains the same.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday - blessed weekend

I got my new bike yesterday. Yeah I was supposed to get the bike last weekend, but I could not break away from a prior commitment to get to the bike shop before it closed. The bike shop is also closed on Sundays - weird, eh.

Now I have beautiful Cannondale Adventure 400 bike with odometer computer and water bottle connected. I have a blue and white helmet and pretty blue bike backpack. My backpack is a Camelback so I can drink and ride without having to use the water bottle. I am kinda wigged out by it. I am not planning any three to four hour rides yet. I planning on not crashing into people, children, cars, or trees and enjoying the freedom of riding.

I am in luv with my bicycle.

This week has not been a great week for commuting. Too many accidents and bad ones at that.

I am looking forward to the glory and unbashed joy of the weekend. I am going to sleep late, take my climbers test and weather permitting -ride till my legs give out. I may make Banana Pancakes, ala the Jack Johnson, my current fav, song. I want the joy of life this weekend.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Climbing up that Hill

On Sunday, I took intro to Rock Climbing at the Boston Rock Gym. Loved it. I was the only one who signed up for Sunday. I ended up with a private lesson from 9:00 - 12:00. In fact, I had the gym to myself until about 10:30 when a group of kids arrived. Yes, there are kids who climb better than I, but hey they're kids.

(the picture is a wall at the Boston Rock Gym)

I climbed four walls and my muscles were dead tired at the end of it. I lost grip on the fifth and sixth climb. My instructor told me to take a break, get lunch, and come back. OK -a tendon in my right arm was not working. I was done.

I am still feeling it today. Next step is a test to prove compentence to climb. Testing includes belaying, proving you can hold a climber who is falling or resting and equipment safety. I am going back for my test this weekend.


On my way to work today, I saw a kid on my street jumping on a pogo stick. Remember pogo sticks? What struck me, is I could see myself as a child on my pogo stick. I don't often see myself when kids are playing, but today I did.

Pogos haven't changed much since I had one when I was seven. Scary to think how technology could change a pogo stick. Can you imagine? Turbo charged, jet propelled? Propell Your Child to the Moon with the TURBO JET pogo stick.

Mainly I thought about the toys I needed at seven; my bike and my rollerskates. Combine those toys with a big neighborhood to play in and some good friends, what else does a kid need? A pogo stick- maybe.

I keep thinking the world has changed for children; then I see pogo stick kid on my street and think maybe the world hasn't changed too much.