Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Kids are Alright

I am a bit on the poky side after being in Atlanta.

The best part about being Atlanta is my friends and my godchildren; S and A.

Friday night was probably the most thrilling. A... was the relief pitcher in his little league game. He kept the only two hits to the infield which resulted in outs and struck out a batter. The night could not have been happier. Sunday A... moved up to a yellow belt in karate and broke a board at the belt ceremony. Sunday, S... also opened her birthday presents from me. She was happy with them which made me happy.

Saturday I spent with friends. Saw Invisible Saturday night. I like the movie but think the previews are misleading.

Do you remember dittos? Wierd how the school language slips back to me. Not copies. Copies are what I bring to a meeting. Dittos are what a teacher hands you for homework. A... recieves a lot of dittos. Monday I helped him with his homework. Math believe it or not. He's working on multiplication and division.

A... and I were working on a division problem. I instructed A... to put a decimal down, and he said his class what not working on decimals yet. I asked if A... if he wanted to impress his teacher and do decimals instead of putting the remainder. "Nah", was my answer.

I revel in moments like these. Overall being with my friends give me a sense of peace making leaving difficult.

We all, my friends and I, have changed; the fundamental part of ourselves remains the same.

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Blitz Krieg said...

Doing homework with my kids has been nothing but frustration. A new way to do problems that requires twice as much work and that has not rhyme nor reason to it had me in a tizzy.

I tried to show my daughter and easier and quicker way to do the same problem, but she siad if she didn't do it the new way she would not get credit.

I won't even bring up doing Calculus with the son.

Sounds like you had a great trip. And somehow still, my kids are alright too.