Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Persistence Of Evil

I am reminded lately that the definition of evil is when good people do nothing. I have recently run into someone who relies on this definition to manifest evil. Do I believe she is evil? Do I believe she thinks she is doing good? I have no idea. I do not know what her intentions are. *

This woman came into our work place with a smile and a friendly attitude. After about six months, we noticed some idiosyncratic tendencies. She was proud of being a snitch, a former side function of her last occupation. Frequently, she would tell her fellow employees that with a smile that personal phone calls, laughter, and friendly conversation in the office place were impermissible. Anyone having a personal phone call should be terminated. All conversations should be business related. People should also not take vacations for more than a week at a time. (We have people who been working on projects 16-18 hours a day for over a year. The same people are the ones who need a month off not a mere two weeks.) Management by fear is this woman's mantra.

Yet she is not in a position of power to enforce these beliefs. Many people have ignored her ramblings because she is not in a position of power. My belief is that the action of ignorance has caused the constant repetition of her words take root in people who could give her power.

The funny dichotomy here is that this woman works in sales. Sales, a place, where often to make a sale, employees schmooze with their customers to keep up a good relationship. Also the actions that she is most intolerant of, this woman engages in whole heartily.

What I find most insidious is this woman's belief that she can prey on less willful personalities with her bullying tactics and then try to enlist them in support of her attempts to gain power. Her strategy here is clear: fear will motivate people to rally around her. She however does not employ this strategy with the people in more powerful positions that she wishes to aspire. She cajoles them; brings them coffee, makes phone calls to confirm dinner reservations, etc. This woman is not a secretary. She is a sales woman.

If someone is not working up to her standards, she attacks them in some shocking ways. One man at work she reproofed with a racial slur for not getting back to her "right away". Our non-European international locations have been ignored by her on urgent matters causing them to call upon others to get the work done. Our customers have been degraded when they have made mistakes. This woman would prefer to take product that was returned accidentally and resell it to another customer. To say the least, her customer service ethics are questionable.

To be accurate her overall morals are despicable. I find her morally offensive and am constantly looking for ways to challenge her prejudice and conduct professionally.

*On a side note, I do believe that most people in the world do not lean toward the pejorative. Most of us are trying to live our lives with no ill will.

Monday, October 17, 2005


I am boarding a plane, again.

This time I am not sure how I feel about it

The newness of this world is exciting and calming.

I look for what's around the corner or above.

I can take the scenery for what it is which wild and beautiful.

There's more here, and I want to explore it.
The only problem is I don't know if I will see it again.

I want to move with the wind, push my limits.
And I want to explore and find the details of what is front of me.

I am a little bruised.
I need to find out how to use my legs.

Will I learn how high I can climb?
Will there be a next level?

If I can get through my doubts and insecurity, maybe I can glimpse the magic, again.
Even if it's a different place.

Do the doubts vanish with closeness of being held in what is security?

I fly with these clouds again.
I see the vastness of their landscape; their hills, valleys, oceans and mountains.

Sun sets and sun rises here on this flight as well.