Saturday, July 22, 2006


Saturday I watched the fog engulf the boats docked at the mouth of the river; their ghostly outlines barely visible. The boats stood defiant against the gray denseness like beacons; their masts calling out to one another -reassuring.

I have always liked watching fog roll around and through objects with a life all its own demanding eerie attention in its paradox quality that is opaque transparence.

Stories come forth generating in my mind ghosts, pirates and all things that might lurk in such gray shadows using the blindness the fog creates to live and hide.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Condom Man

Rare sightings in the summer. Mainly a winter species. Slightly insane.

Identifiable by complete spandex outfit from head to toe much like a Olympic speed skater, earning the name Condom Man, but this species runs.

Most likely to see species when coldest; early mornings and blizzards.

Identifiable in summer only by time and temperature, usually mid-morning to midday when temperatures approach ninety.

Friday, July 14, 2006

I have a BICEP!

I discovered this miracle of muscle while at the gym doing bicep curls. No, I would never do curls if my trainer wasn't standing over me. AND it has paid off!!!!! (Having a trainer is the best present I've ever bought myself.)

Now I run around showing off and singing, "I have a bicep. I have a bicep. I have bicep."

No you can't touch it. It might deflate.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boat People

Two weeks ago I went kayaking. I had the best time even when I could not seem to navigate my way around the boats well.

Imagine meters of water and one lone boat in front of you. The current is pulling you to the boat and you have to paddle, hard, around the boat and their fishing lines.

The boat people are cool. They'd say a quick 'hi' as I was paddling desperately to avoid them. I managed three hellos from the boat people I missed by inches.

The boat people come out every Memorial Day and disappear every Labor Day. They line the boardwalk dock area sometimes sleeping out on their decks, if a small boat, on hot summer nights. The boat people are the people you see early in the mornings with coffee in hand. They are the people who nudge past the tourists during local festivals with grocery bags from the quickmart.

The boat people spell summer.

I smile when I think of them.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Freak Show Carnival

You must, must, go to the great Tiff's site and check out this week's Carnival!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sometimes Philosophy

Sometimes reality is what you believe
Believing what people perceive, what your heart whispers, or what your conditioning accepts

Sometimes perception doesn't count

Sometimes, given only two alternatives there exists a secret third option
Most ultimatums, even the one your mind creates, never truly exist

Sometimes we when choose our circumstances; we are obligated to find out our reasons why
Sometimes when given an opportunity, it's best just to take it

Projecting out into the future can mean letting go of the present
Sometimes we are given what we need in the right now

Sometimes the learning is the most important lesson
Sometimes distance is just a state a mind

Sometimes catching up to say slow down is as important as catching up to walk with someone
Taking a step back to where you were, can be more objective than taking a step away, sometimes not

Sometimes even if you lose, the risk was worth taking the chance
Sometimes the chance is worth more than the risk and the loss

Even the scariest moments can gain us something
Fear contains a secret that will set you free

Sometimes absolutes are just in our imagination
Always and Never are extremes we should not have to choose

Sometimes the brick wall that you crash into, gives the greatest insight to yourself
If control were everything, then life would be best lived alone

Sometimes impossibilities are the only realities that matter
Sometimes differences offer the best choices

Sometimes ambition can get you where you're going as long as it doesn't take you away from yourself

Sometimes the standards you set for yourself are high enough
Sometimes living is the greatest feat of accomplishment

Sometimes, sometimes is everything
Sometimes, sometimes is the chance that comes along granting the wish you never knew you wanted

Sometimes you expect a moment to mean nothing more than the moment
Sometimes a moment changes who you are

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Extreme Yoga

Over the weekend I attended a yoga retreat. This being my first ever yoga retreat and not having done much yoga, I had no idea what to expect.

During the weekend we practiced yoga (ok like duh) and meditation techniques.

What I learned:

1) OM is not an Urban Legend. OM is used to center and focus the mind. Everyone say it with me now.... Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (Try to sit crossed legged when saying it.)

2) Yoga people get up damned early in the morning. We were doing yoga at five am. Yikes! This is time I get up during the week.

3) Yoga people are dedicated. We yogaed from five am to ten pm with breaks for food. I was exhausted every night. (Most people in class had been doing yoga for a good portion of their lives.)

4) I am far more flexible than I thought.

5) There are a hell of lot of yoga positions. I have been to maybe four yoga classes in my life. This class was not your Bally's/Gold's yoga class.

6) Water is essential and fundamental to yogaing. I almost passed out on the second day because the yoga room was hot. I was the only that had to have a bottle of water constantly with them but at least I did not pass out again.

I enjoyed much of the yoga part of the retreat. The meditation was a little hard for me. My mind does not quiet easily.