Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Extreme Yoga

Over the weekend I attended a yoga retreat. This being my first ever yoga retreat and not having done much yoga, I had no idea what to expect.

During the weekend we practiced yoga (ok like duh) and meditation techniques.

What I learned:

1) OM is not an Urban Legend. OM is used to center and focus the mind. Everyone say it with me now.... Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (Try to sit crossed legged when saying it.)

2) Yoga people get up damned early in the morning. We were doing yoga at five am. Yikes! This is time I get up during the week.

3) Yoga people are dedicated. We yogaed from five am to ten pm with breaks for food. I was exhausted every night. (Most people in class had been doing yoga for a good portion of their lives.)

4) I am far more flexible than I thought.

5) There are a hell of lot of yoga positions. I have been to maybe four yoga classes in my life. This class was not your Bally's/Gold's yoga class.

6) Water is essential and fundamental to yogaing. I almost passed out on the second day because the yoga room was hot. I was the only that had to have a bottle of water constantly with them but at least I did not pass out again.

I enjoyed much of the yoga part of the retreat. The meditation was a little hard for me. My mind does not quiet easily.


Voix said...

Good for you making the effort, though -- meditation is a lifelong practice and doesn't ever come easily.

I would like to try a yoga retreat sometime.

Was it a silent retreat, too?

Cincysundevil said...

So you're much more flexible than you thought? We may need pics to prove it .... and yes, I still have a dirty mind!!

Chelle said...

Michele - Thank God no, it was not a silent retreat. That would be too hard for me. I was bad enough falling asleep in class and then snoring. Not even silent then.

Devil - missed you and your mind. Unfortunately/Fortunately no one brought a camera.

tiff said...

I would LOVE to have gone with ya. People who don't yoga are missing out, and often underestimate just how strenuous it is.

Hyperion said...

I went to a "Yogi" retreat once, but it wasn't what I thought. I did get a pic-a-nic basket, though.

And Point #4 is by far your best point.