Saturday, July 22, 2006


Saturday I watched the fog engulf the boats docked at the mouth of the river; their ghostly outlines barely visible. The boats stood defiant against the gray denseness like beacons; their masts calling out to one another -reassuring.

I have always liked watching fog roll around and through objects with a life all its own demanding eerie attention in its paradox quality that is opaque transparence.

Stories come forth generating in my mind ghosts, pirates and all things that might lurk in such gray shadows using the blindness the fog creates to live and hide.


Cincysundevil said...

You so have a way with words. I'm completely envious!!

Chelle said...

You don't have to be envious. You have your own way with words that rock.

tiff said...

very prettily done. I can easily see it myself.

Chelle said...

Thank you Tiff. One of the best compliments I can get.