Thursday, June 29, 2006

Here and There (Poetry Thursday)

I've been around the world
Differences between there and here

The coffee is stronger
The food more flavorful
History a touch deeper

Upon coming home
No Joyous relief so Profound
Has been known as
Sinking, delicately, deliciously
Into my Pillow

Home, a place I have made for myself
A place where
Time, energy, and care
Make it my own

Life may seem a little more Colorful There
Here, A little more diluted
Richer for being there
Feel nothing so deep than the Plushness
Of Here

People there
As Different as here
Masks of Politeness; Gallic Shrugs
Political Demeanors and Friendly smiles
Candid teasing
Connecting the memories between There and Here

Treasuring certain moments
On very rare occasions
Witnessed landmarks the world knows
Yet are precious to me
For I have seen them

These recollections are pulled out: Sacred
Because I am here and not there
Not taking for granted such sights and people
Because not having seen them for a time
Here and there
I cherish Here

Friday, June 23, 2006

RANT: What the hell happened to customer service?

I left my Philips MP3 battery recharger in Atlanta. My battery is drained and I decided to order a new one.

I was completely excited when I came home last night and the Philips package was waiting by the door.

Now I can walk in the mornings to my tunes again. I take my MP3 player to the gym again. I can connect it to the stereo adapter I bought. I miss my MP3s.

How upset was I when I opened the box to find a battery? Very!

I am on hold with Philips now to get an RMA (return) number.

Philips has told me they will charge a restocking fee of $15 because I could not distinguish BATT RECHA as a rechargable battery and not a battery recharger.

While on massive hold, I checked the website again. BATT RECHA product description is BATT
RECHARG (no picture). According to the customer service representative I should have had a clear indication from the description that this product was a battery.

The replacement product choices on the web are:
Carry Case
Install CD

Do any of these items seem to scream I am a recharger for your MP3 other than BATT RECHA?

I thought not.

The customer service lady just asked if I needed anything else. Well, I still need a recharger.

I am back on hold while she attempts to find out which of the items listed above is a battery recharger.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Words (Poetry Thursday)

Aptly adept or adeptly apt
Trips off my tongue now
Sweet short alliteration

My first attempt at haiku. I don't think I have it yet; so be kind.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dysfunctional Days

My dysfunctional day started last night as I watched a brutal baseball game between my two favorite pitchers which caused me to stay up too late last night.

Because I was up too late, I slept too late this morning. I put was putting on eyeshadow this morning when I realized I had not taken a shower yet.

After an extra thirty minutes of getting ready, I took another ten minutes getting out of the house. I drove half way down the street on my way to get coffee, sorely in need of caffine, only to come back to turn off the iron.

I was about to pay for my cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop when I looked in my wallet and realized I did not have any money. I went to the ATM across the street to get money. Luckily the coffee people knew me and held my coffee.

I made it to work safely but am having trouble doing work that's due tomorrow because of constant interuptions on another matter.

I had to make a Target run at lunch to get clean work out clothes for my training session tonight, but I still forgot my gym bag and need to go home to get shoes.

Do weeks start on Sunday or Monday? I am begining to feel that my dysfunctional day is really a dysfunctional week if much of today is caused by yesterday.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ever and Now (Poetry Thursday)

I am cheating again, stealing from my poetry page. Ah well, deal...

Ever and Now
If ever there was
If there ever could be
Without me
My ever will never see

Ever not to plan
Ever unfolds in the sands
Ever comes from now
Now to the future, will not bow

Now I will not forget
Now, what will become of it
Now is; in the now
Ever to those behind somehow

Ever is not what I dream
Now in the ever seam
Ever becomes a fantasy
The now is just a part of me

November 04,2000

Monday, June 12, 2006


I went to meet my personal trainer over the weekend for the first time. Yes, I got a personal trainer. Not becuase I am trying to be super buff or anything, but because I am having trouble with maintaining my cardio. i.e. I can be on the eliptical machine for thirty minutes or more but I am out of breath climbing stairs. I want to find out what's up with that.

While changing out at the gym, two women were sitting completely naked by the sauna doors, not in the sauna. (Comments on this one are all yours.) One lady was complaining to another lady about her daughter and her grandson.

"Trevor just went downstairs to the basement! He was there when I got home. He didn't ask. I couldn't believe it. I called Debbie and told her that out of all people I expected her to raise her son better than that. She hung up on me. I can't understand why she's so upset. She should just apologize for Trevor and get over it."

So tempting to jump in with, "What did you expect calling your daughter a bad mother?"

On the walk to the square downtown, a girl with hugley dialated eyes was talking to another girl, "That would be really cosmic. You and I should totally get those tattoos together."

Do you think they are going to regret the tattoo they get?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sun (Poetry Thursday)

In honor of the endless rain ....

Sun calling my name
Shine on me
Light my mind with clarity

Sun holding onto me
Firing up in the embrace
Melting down, I feel whole

Sun bring me out from these hazy shadows
Glare down on the fear that follows me in my image
Vanquished I come out to play

Sun pour in me and I pour to you
We are one
Bright and radiant as all the rest



Monday, June 05, 2006

Souvenirs from Maine

I went to Maine over the weekend to see some friends. On my way home a turkey flew three feet in front of my car. After slamming on the brakes and marveling that turkeys know how to fly, I thought I'd stop, gather my composure, and pick some souvenirs. My camera phone is not the best so I'll put in a description for the blurriness.

WTF: over an empty toilet paper roll. (lemon drops)

Anti -Establish Mints. Promise Libertie, Fraternite, and Minty Freshness. (cinnamon mints)

EnlightenMints: Engenders epiphanies and other related phenomenon. (cinnamon mints)

Understand Your Mother instantly without having to meet or talk with her. (peppermint drops)

Dahli - as promised: Banana Lip Balm. Smells like Bananas too.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Now I have time to think
A hundred and twenty miles
Passes each minute

Watching white broken lines
Seeing all the people as we stop and crawl
Feeling like a toddler slowed down by it legs

The unfairness of it all
Police forced into a seventies prison- the camero
He pulls over a mommy mobile

Debating the elasticity of each lane
Wandering where I can fly
What do I think about now

I can be my heros
Carl Sagan imagining the universe
From the after life

I could sing the body electric
Capitalizing on Walt's Fame
If I knew how to sing

Many mores miles
Caffiene levels running in my veins become weak

If I refill I will be bouncing
Either to music or
In search a bathroom

Reching my destination
I shut the catraption off
Preparing to turn around and do it again