Monday, June 19, 2006

Dysfunctional Days

My dysfunctional day started last night as I watched a brutal baseball game between my two favorite pitchers which caused me to stay up too late last night.

Because I was up too late, I slept too late this morning. I put was putting on eyeshadow this morning when I realized I had not taken a shower yet.

After an extra thirty minutes of getting ready, I took another ten minutes getting out of the house. I drove half way down the street on my way to get coffee, sorely in need of caffine, only to come back to turn off the iron.

I was about to pay for my cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop when I looked in my wallet and realized I did not have any money. I went to the ATM across the street to get money. Luckily the coffee people knew me and held my coffee.

I made it to work safely but am having trouble doing work that's due tomorrow because of constant interuptions on another matter.

I had to make a Target run at lunch to get clean work out clothes for my training session tonight, but I still forgot my gym bag and need to go home to get shoes.

Do weeks start on Sunday or Monday? I am begining to feel that my dysfunctional day is really a dysfunctional week if much of today is caused by yesterday.


little sister :) said...

i love that you put on your eyeshadow before you got into the shower. i love days like that (well not while i'm having one) but they do make for great blogs later :) i had a date like that once that lasted all day. it ended with me slipping down the stairs.

tiff said...

We call this "not being able to get out of your own way..." and it happens all too regularly!

Here's hoping Tuesday has been kinder to you.

Voix said...


Hope it all sorted itself out.

my0p said...

gosh, sounds like some of my Mondays. Thinking of Bob Geldof's singing that song right at this moment ...

Hyperion said...

I don't care what the calendar says. In North America, the week clearly starts on Monday