Monday, June 05, 2006

Souvenirs from Maine

I went to Maine over the weekend to see some friends. On my way home a turkey flew three feet in front of my car. After slamming on the brakes and marveling that turkeys know how to fly, I thought I'd stop, gather my composure, and pick some souvenirs. My camera phone is not the best so I'll put in a description for the blurriness.

WTF: over an empty toilet paper roll. (lemon drops)

Anti -Establish Mints. Promise Libertie, Fraternite, and Minty Freshness. (cinnamon mints)

EnlightenMints: Engenders epiphanies and other related phenomenon. (cinnamon mints)

Understand Your Mother instantly without having to meet or talk with her. (peppermint drops)

Dahli - as promised: Banana Lip Balm. Smells like Bananas too.


little sister :) said...

hummmm, i can just pop a peppermint drop and understand my mother? i think i need to get some of these. i have a few friends that could use them as well. do they have website or do i have to go to maine to get them?

Megan said...

I could use some EnlightenMints right about now. And who knew a little drop could make the world make sense by allowing me to understand my mother? Those aren't just souvenirs, but miracles!

Chelle said...

Li Sis - I'll see if I can come up with more of these.

Warning! Has not yet been tested on an actual mother.

Let you know.

Megan - I am going to try and slip some of the Enlightenmints into my bosses office.

dahlizyx said...

Banana Lip Balm! Yay! The memories come flooding back to me...