Friday, September 22, 2006

Literacy Project

In an every increasing need to be literate, I have embarked on a new campaign; the Starbucks campaign. The company now places quotes, "The way I see it", on the back of their coffee cups as I discovered a couple of weeks ago.

Today my cup has:

I think when we get angry at others, most of the time, we're really angry at ourselves. It is not "us verses them" - we are all connected. Perhaps the anger comes in how much of "us" we see in "them". Whether it is cutting someone off or taking more than one's share, perhaps we are angry at ourselves for doing similar things every day. In any case change will come when we stop pointing the finger and start looking in the mirror. Christina Morton- Starbucks shift supervisor.

Do you think she's referring to customers?

I am excited to learn all the quotes Starbucks uses on their cups of coffee. I am a little worried though. Starbucks is now quoting their own staff on the cups. Do you think they ran out of people to quote?

How many quotes do I need to read before I am well read?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I went to the polls yesterday to vote in the Mass. primary elections and was disgusted by some of the experience. (To preface, let's just say that I believe voting is the most important action that anyone can undertake if you want to influence how local, state, and national governments are run.)

First off I am listed as an independent. The woman who greeted me at the polls should ask me what ticket I want to vote on Republican or Democrat. She did neither. I asked the woman how I was listed. I am correctly listed.

Once I got to the voting booth, I noticed that the primary ticket had several offices where only one candidate was listed. Unopposed candidates irk me to no end. Why? An unopposed candidate is less likely to be held accountable for his actions. I am from the old school of believing that any elected official works for me because I help pay his salary.

Even though I vote in a small town, the turnout was unbelievably low. I did not have to wait, as I normally do, for a booth. I was the only voter in the booths.

I wonder if our country is reaching a new level of apathy. Hope not.
A J Folmer storyupdate: She has hired a lawyer and will be fighting her charges in court. I do not know if she plans to sue the police department. If so, I will update you on the outcome.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Chronology of My Arrest - Post taken down

I had a post here I rec'd by email.

I thought the account interesting and remarkable.

I tried to take out any identifying markers in the story while still giving full credit to the author. But I broke a rule. I did not get permission to post.

I am sorry J. Folmer and I have taken your post down.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

For the Love of the Lima Bean

You know the days when you are starving? You can't wait till you ingest something? Anything? And then ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... goodness.

I just had the best soup ever. Vegetable. On my palette I tasted a delicious sensation that I'd forgotten about; the lima bean.

Oh how I love thee LIMA BEAN. You can make a meal delicious, delectable, and delightful. I beg you to be in any soup that I order; a side on any meal I take.

I love you Lima Bean.

(I don't think the ravenous thought deprivation has subsided yet.)

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2006

I remember trying to make sense of the unthinkable.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Over the weekend, I was asked what I want to do. I answered I was weighing my options. Apparently I swallowed the "in" part of the word ( a southern thing? I don't know.).

My friend asked: WANG? What's Wang?
Again, I said: weigh..g.
My friend: WanGG?

At this point I broke out laughing. Wang is weighing.

Time can be Tom with my accent.

I don't know what other vowels I swallow but I laughing hard when they come back at me.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Lunch on Friday

I have learned the value of lunch in general at work--- blog reading.

Over the week I found this entry It's Time to Break Iraq Into Three Countries (it's political, but I love political) followed up by this article from the Washington Post. Interesting viable theories: go read.

Jonesin' for more politics? Go here. Also head here for the politically incorrect. Irreverence is a vice. Here or here for life everyday funny.

I am flying out tomorrow to Atlanta for a wedding reception on Sunday. I am ambivalent about this short trip. Yes, my godson and I will see who is the air-hockey champion in an epic rematch. (No, I do not let him win. He can do so on his own.) I will love seeing my best friend. ..... It's just......

Sigh.... I am beginning to hate going to weddings, no matter how much I love the people involved.

Anyhow was at the salon last night learning about reality TV shows with the hairstylists. They put some cool goo on my hair called High Voltage Shine. I swear walking home cars' lights were reflected back to them.

Have a great Labor Day and next week I'll try and be more inventive in my blogging.