Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I went to the polls yesterday to vote in the Mass. primary elections and was disgusted by some of the experience. (To preface, let's just say that I believe voting is the most important action that anyone can undertake if you want to influence how local, state, and national governments are run.)

First off I am listed as an independent. The woman who greeted me at the polls should ask me what ticket I want to vote on Republican or Democrat. She did neither. I asked the woman how I was listed. I am correctly listed.

Once I got to the voting booth, I noticed that the primary ticket had several offices where only one candidate was listed. Unopposed candidates irk me to no end. Why? An unopposed candidate is less likely to be held accountable for his actions. I am from the old school of believing that any elected official works for me because I help pay his salary.

Even though I vote in a small town, the turnout was unbelievably low. I did not have to wait, as I normally do, for a booth. I was the only voter in the booths.

I wonder if our country is reaching a new level of apathy. Hope not.
A J Folmer storyupdate: She has hired a lawyer and will be fighting her charges in court. I do not know if she plans to sue the police department. If so, I will update you on the outcome.


Rhea said...

I voted in Boston yesterday. And, yeah, the poll workers can say/do some silly stuff. They're volunteers, after all. I was excited that Deval Patrick won.

Cincysundevil said...

I simply applaud the fact you voted. Americans are way too apathetic. It's as if all of those who voted for W in the last election are beginning to realize they've been duped and are too embarrassed to show up again.