Friday, September 01, 2006

Lunch on Friday

I have learned the value of lunch in general at work--- blog reading.

Over the week I found this entry It's Time to Break Iraq Into Three Countries (it's political, but I love political) followed up by this article from the Washington Post. Interesting viable theories: go read.

Jonesin' for more politics? Go here. Also head here for the politically incorrect. Irreverence is a vice. Here or here for life everyday funny.

I am flying out tomorrow to Atlanta for a wedding reception on Sunday. I am ambivalent about this short trip. Yes, my godson and I will see who is the air-hockey champion in an epic rematch. (No, I do not let him win. He can do so on his own.) I will love seeing my best friend. ..... It's just......

Sigh.... I am beginning to hate going to weddings, no matter how much I love the people involved.

Anyhow was at the salon last night learning about reality TV shows with the hairstylists. They put some cool goo on my hair called High Voltage Shine. I swear walking home cars' lights were reflected back to them.

Have a great Labor Day and next week I'll try and be more inventive in my blogging.


Cincysundevil said...

Heading to the ATL and you didn't email me so we could meet for a beer? I'm crushed ;)

Remiman said...

Have a great weekend and enjoy your god-son :-)

tiff said...

Aw, I got me some linky action. Wheee!

Hope the trip was a good and safe one.