Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rashomon Story

Today, a cast of bloggers set out to create a story told from the point of view of set of characters using the pictures above.

Cast of characters:
Man in Bed: Majere (Majere's story was written by me.)
Woman: Crynne, a prostitute. (Crynne's story was written by

Man Pouring tea: Aldoux, a servant. (Aldoux's story was written by Tiff, of No Accent Yet)
Man in the Black Robes : Bishop Janiff (Janiff's story was written by
Lady Jane Scarlett)
Man in the Light Purple Robes: Bishop Beddleton (Beddleton's story was written by an author who wishes to remain anonymous)
Man in the Dark Purple Robes: Bishop Dominic y'Nobe (y'Nobe's story was written by Sea Hag, of
Monkey Barn)
Man in the in Red Robes: Bishop Valetti, the head Bishop (Valetti's story was written by

These vignettes were weaved together by Hyperionand presented cohesively as a master murder mystery story, The Sins of the Father .

Go read and enjoy.

1 comment:

tiff said...

your Majere was so well done!

Yay for you!