Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday - blessed weekend

I got my new bike yesterday. Yeah I was supposed to get the bike last weekend, but I could not break away from a prior commitment to get to the bike shop before it closed. The bike shop is also closed on Sundays - weird, eh.

Now I have beautiful Cannondale Adventure 400 bike with odometer computer and water bottle connected. I have a blue and white helmet and pretty blue bike backpack. My backpack is a Camelback so I can drink and ride without having to use the water bottle. I am kinda wigged out by it. I am not planning any three to four hour rides yet. I planning on not crashing into people, children, cars, or trees and enjoying the freedom of riding.

I am in luv with my bicycle.

This week has not been a great week for commuting. Too many accidents and bad ones at that.

I am looking forward to the glory and unbashed joy of the weekend. I am going to sleep late, take my climbers test and weather permitting -ride till my legs give out. I may make Banana Pancakes, ala the Jack Johnson, my current fav, song. I want the joy of life this weekend.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Climbing up that Hill

On Sunday, I took intro to Rock Climbing at the Boston Rock Gym. Loved it. I was the only one who signed up for Sunday. I ended up with a private lesson from 9:00 - 12:00. In fact, I had the gym to myself until about 10:30 when a group of kids arrived. Yes, there are kids who climb better than I, but hey they're kids.

(the picture is a wall at the Boston Rock Gym)

I climbed four walls and my muscles were dead tired at the end of it. I lost grip on the fifth and sixth climb. My instructor told me to take a break, get lunch, and come back. OK -a tendon in my right arm was not working. I was done.

I am still feeling it today. Next step is a test to prove compentence to climb. Testing includes belaying, proving you can hold a climber who is falling or resting and equipment safety. I am going back for my test this weekend.


On my way to work today, I saw a kid on my street jumping on a pogo stick. Remember pogo sticks? What struck me, is I could see myself as a child on my pogo stick. I don't often see myself when kids are playing, but today I did.

Pogos haven't changed much since I had one when I was seven. Scary to think how technology could change a pogo stick. Can you imagine? Turbo charged, jet propelled? Propell Your Child to the Moon with the TURBO JET pogo stick.

Mainly I thought about the toys I needed at seven; my bike and my rollerskates. Combine those toys with a big neighborhood to play in and some good friends, what else does a kid need? A pogo stick- maybe.

I keep thinking the world has changed for children; then I see pogo stick kid on my street and think maybe the world hasn't changed too much.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New things

Over the last few weeks my head has been buried in work at the expense of all other things. Last night my head emerged from the sand through the excellent stress release of music.

I was at the Guster show last night. Excellent show. I have not been a huge Guster fan, but am a bigger one today. The band has an excellent sense of humor. I can't remember the last I heard really bad, or any, haiku at a rock show.

The Format opened up for Guster. I will be adding these boys to my music library.

The show was sponsored by Stonyfield Farms, my favorite yogurt. A lot of booths were set up spreading environmental awareness. I think I signed everything available including volunteering for other like shows. I am not sure how I'll be able to volunteer, but maybe I can find away. Anyway...

Another song I am in love with has been played rentlessly on Indie 101.3. If you haven't heard Dan Le Sac, you should. Despite the name, :Thou Shalt Always Kill", the song is an irreverent look at music and anything in which you may have heard the word should being used. I love irreverence.

I am well on my way to revamping my social and actvity life. I will be buying a hybrid bicycle this weekend. No hybrid on bicycle does not mean electric. Hybrid is trail and road.

Woo hoo.....

Thursday, April 05, 2007

From there to here

No wonder I have have a cold. (Picture on the left from vacation. The one on the right today.)

Vacation was wonderful. Flew into Pensacola. Two of my dearest friends, Danny and Aileen, picked me up and we went to the beach. Aileen played with Iris, their little girl, in the sand. Ian, their little boy, and I played the wave game; stand where the water line runs up on the sand and try and not let the waves get your feet wet.

The next day we went into New Orleans. I love this city. Every time I visit I fall in love all over again.

We were the perfect tourists. Munched down beignets at Cafe du Monde. Wondered the French Quarter. Watched jazz musicians and jugglers. Went into several art galleries. I bought a painting outside St. Louis. Artists line the square. Sublime.

The next day we wondered the streets of Mobile. I saw the Mardi Gras museum. Mobile hosts their own Mardi Gras parade every year.

Relaxed the rest of the day and went to a movie that night.

Love you Danny and Aileen.