Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday - blessed weekend

I got my new bike yesterday. Yeah I was supposed to get the bike last weekend, but I could not break away from a prior commitment to get to the bike shop before it closed. The bike shop is also closed on Sundays - weird, eh.

Now I have beautiful Cannondale Adventure 400 bike with odometer computer and water bottle connected. I have a blue and white helmet and pretty blue bike backpack. My backpack is a Camelback so I can drink and ride without having to use the water bottle. I am kinda wigged out by it. I am not planning any three to four hour rides yet. I planning on not crashing into people, children, cars, or trees and enjoying the freedom of riding.

I am in luv with my bicycle.

This week has not been a great week for commuting. Too many accidents and bad ones at that.

I am looking forward to the glory and unbashed joy of the weekend. I am going to sleep late, take my climbers test and weather permitting -ride till my legs give out. I may make Banana Pancakes, ala the Jack Johnson, my current fav, song. I want the joy of life this weekend.


Blitz Krieg said...

I loved riding my bike the four miles to work everyday. (And back of course.)

I hate the powers at be that decided to moved our office downtown so they could visit more often. Haven't seen one of them in over a year.

Dragon said...

I'm in the market for a new bike myself. Thanks for the recommendation.

Paperback Writer said...

That sounds like a plan! I hope to go one several nature trails this weekend!