Friday, September 22, 2006

Literacy Project

In an every increasing need to be literate, I have embarked on a new campaign; the Starbucks campaign. The company now places quotes, "The way I see it", on the back of their coffee cups as I discovered a couple of weeks ago.

Today my cup has:

I think when we get angry at others, most of the time, we're really angry at ourselves. It is not "us verses them" - we are all connected. Perhaps the anger comes in how much of "us" we see in "them". Whether it is cutting someone off or taking more than one's share, perhaps we are angry at ourselves for doing similar things every day. In any case change will come when we stop pointing the finger and start looking in the mirror. Christina Morton- Starbucks shift supervisor.

Do you think she's referring to customers?

I am excited to learn all the quotes Starbucks uses on their cups of coffee. I am a little worried though. Starbucks is now quoting their own staff on the cups. Do you think they ran out of people to quote?

How many quotes do I need to read before I am well read?


tiff said...

I think Christina needs to grow up. :> When I'm mad at someone, it's almost always because they screwed up.

Almost always.

Voix said...

I think there is probably a direct ratio somewhere -- like 500 cup sleeves equals one classic novel?

The wisdom of the shift supervisor will stay with me, Michelle. Thank you for revealing it here.

Cincysundevil said...

I can't believe Starbucks would take the cheap & easy way out by quoting employees. They should make the effort and locate great quotes & great passages from great novels or essays.

With what Starbucks charges per cup of coffee, none of us can afford to be considered well read. I'll need to win the lottery to become a literati via Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

I think that there is no problem if Starbuck quotes there employees. Think, every qoute is taken from the realy life, from everyday action, we need quote that can change our life in a good way. I think this is a best way to find quotes that mean some, not some holly big crap, that we don't even understand. So thats my opinion, just one opinion!