Friday, June 23, 2006

RANT: What the hell happened to customer service?

I left my Philips MP3 battery recharger in Atlanta. My battery is drained and I decided to order a new one.

I was completely excited when I came home last night and the Philips package was waiting by the door.

Now I can walk in the mornings to my tunes again. I take my MP3 player to the gym again. I can connect it to the stereo adapter I bought. I miss my MP3s.

How upset was I when I opened the box to find a battery? Very!

I am on hold with Philips now to get an RMA (return) number.

Philips has told me they will charge a restocking fee of $15 because I could not distinguish BATT RECHA as a rechargable battery and not a battery recharger.

While on massive hold, I checked the website again. BATT RECHA product description is BATT
RECHARG (no picture). According to the customer service representative I should have had a clear indication from the description that this product was a battery.

The replacement product choices on the web are:
Carry Case
Install CD

Do any of these items seem to scream I am a recharger for your MP3 other than BATT RECHA?

I thought not.

The customer service lady just asked if I needed anything else. Well, I still need a recharger.

I am back on hold while she attempts to find out which of the items listed above is a battery recharger.



Voix said...

I have to believe that there is an 8th roundel of hell for stupid customer service representatives. I just have to, or I go insane in situations like this.

Crazy Slots said...

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