Monday, June 12, 2006


I went to meet my personal trainer over the weekend for the first time. Yes, I got a personal trainer. Not becuase I am trying to be super buff or anything, but because I am having trouble with maintaining my cardio. i.e. I can be on the eliptical machine for thirty minutes or more but I am out of breath climbing stairs. I want to find out what's up with that.

While changing out at the gym, two women were sitting completely naked by the sauna doors, not in the sauna. (Comments on this one are all yours.) One lady was complaining to another lady about her daughter and her grandson.

"Trevor just went downstairs to the basement! He was there when I got home. He didn't ask. I couldn't believe it. I called Debbie and told her that out of all people I expected her to raise her son better than that. She hung up on me. I can't understand why she's so upset. She should just apologize for Trevor and get over it."

So tempting to jump in with, "What did you expect calling your daughter a bad mother?"

On the walk to the square downtown, a girl with hugley dialated eyes was talking to another girl, "That would be really cosmic. You and I should totally get those tattoos together."

Do you think they are going to regret the tattoo they get?


little sister :) said...

you should have told that lady that most people learn their parenting skills from their parents and if she is a bad mother it's probably because she learned it from you. a good parent wouldn't have called and told her how much she sucked, but maybe would have been kind to her daughter and offered her a way to deal with it.

so, next time you see her tell her she really SUCKS as a mom and to put some clothes cause if you wanted to see a freak show you would go to the carnival. :)

just kidding, i would never be that mean.

Neil said...

I might get a trainer for a couple of times, too, just to make sure that I'm actually doing what I'm doing correctly.

Leigh said...

LOL! The cosmic girls bring to mind "but it's a real beauty, a Mexican cutie, how it got here I haven't a clue." They probably don't have a clue either.

dahlizyx said...

I remember getting my tattoo as a whim with Aditya. I've never regretted it, especially not now.