Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boat People

Two weeks ago I went kayaking. I had the best time even when I could not seem to navigate my way around the boats well.

Imagine meters of water and one lone boat in front of you. The current is pulling you to the boat and you have to paddle, hard, around the boat and their fishing lines.

The boat people are cool. They'd say a quick 'hi' as I was paddling desperately to avoid them. I managed three hellos from the boat people I missed by inches.

The boat people come out every Memorial Day and disappear every Labor Day. They line the boardwalk dock area sometimes sleeping out on their decks, if a small boat, on hot summer nights. The boat people are the people you see early in the mornings with coffee in hand. They are the people who nudge past the tourists during local festivals with grocery bags from the quickmart.

The boat people spell summer.

I smile when I think of them.


little sister :) said...

how do you become one of these boat people???? i guess i'm going to have to find some rich older man (sugar daddy) with a boat. all the guys i know can only afford a raft and instant coffee.

little sister :) said...
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Cincysundevil said...

Almost makes me wish I was a boat person. When I retire, I'll just move to Mexico and go volunteer on archaelogical digs. That'll be my version of being a boat person!!

Chelle said...

Little Sis - if you find the Sugar Daddy, please remember your friends who love boats and do not have them.

Hey Devil - same deal remember your blogger mates who will seek any excuse to get away and go vacation. Do we have to wait till you retire though?

tiff said...

My husband and I were watching a documentary on NC last night, and decided our retirement town would be the place decribered therein as "a drinking town with a boating problem." :>

Chelle said...

You are people after my own heart Tiff.