Monday, October 17, 2005


I am boarding a plane, again.

This time I am not sure how I feel about it

The newness of this world is exciting and calming.

I look for what's around the corner or above.

I can take the scenery for what it is which wild and beautiful.

There's more here, and I want to explore it.
The only problem is I don't know if I will see it again.

I want to move with the wind, push my limits.
And I want to explore and find the details of what is front of me.

I am a little bruised.
I need to find out how to use my legs.

Will I learn how high I can climb?
Will there be a next level?

If I can get through my doubts and insecurity, maybe I can glimpse the magic, again.
Even if it's a different place.

Do the doubts vanish with closeness of being held in what is security?

I fly with these clouds again.
I see the vastness of their landscape; their hills, valleys, oceans and mountains.

Sun sets and sun rises here on this flight as well.

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