Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Seven Continued... the Book addition

This post has taken way too long, as you shall see, mainly because I have can't remember the names of the books I am reading or have read.

Memorial Day weekend was absolutely relaxing. Mom and I headed up the coast to Camden, Maine. Everyone should see Camden. The town is situated on a beautiful inlet. Three tall ships call Camden home during the summer. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

Book edition:

Seven books I am "into". Books I am "into" is a little more tricky for me than music. There is no current list vs all time list. For consistency sake, I am going to list books I like I have recently read.

1) "The Meaning of Night": Michael Cox. The story is a confession of obsession leading to murder. The setting is Victorian England enriched in shadows and aristocracy. The novel is written from the murderer's perspective; interesting in fact because the murderer is also the protagonist.

2) "The Stranger": Albert Camus. Translation by Matthew Ward. Drenched in layers, the story follows the nondescript life of a man who life takes extraordinary turns. The character's interaction or lack thereof with those around him have significant consequences and is thought provoking.

3) "Wide Sargasso Sea": Jeanne Rhys. A disturbing story about a woman who loses her identity to others around her, well written and engaging.

4) I am reserving this spot for a book of poems I received recently. I love the poems but I can't remember the name of the book or the poet. Sad I know.

5) "The Dante Club" : Matthew Pearl. I have just started the novel and am engaged.

6) "The Ailenist": Caleb Carr. I have recently reread The Ailenist. I love books which are not only pychological but have a historical context. I could only wish more books were as engaging.

7) "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows": I am estatic with anticipation of the lastest and the last in the Potter series. I reread all JK Rowling's Potter novels three times; once when the book comes out, again when the movie comes out, and again before the next book in the series is published. I am sad The Deathly Hollows will be the only novel I will only read twice. How many books are you happy, or willing, to reread?


Blitz Krieg said...

Goodness I must be an idiot. The only one I've heard of is the Harry Potter one. I need to broaden my horizons so I thank you for these titles that I can now go out and seek.

rennratt said...

BK is not alone. I, too, have only heard of the Harry Potter book in your list.

Must. Visit. Library.

I have read many books more than once. The list includes MOST books by Richard Bach (in college), Stanyan Street and Other Sorrows (poetry) by Rod McKuen, The Thief of Always by Clive Barker, and "Zippy" by Haven Kimmel.

I highly recommend all of them, but the LAST one will make you laugh until you cry.

You can quote me on that.

The King said...

You seem to be missing much like that Snob Log guy. Maybe you can find something at my place that will entertain you until he returns.