Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am stealing, again, with a twist. Seven Songs and Seven Books.

The name of the game is name 7 songs I am "into" and why. (I stole this from the lovely Tiff.) I am giving you a list of the songs I like currently and not an all time song list. I have decided to add books. We'll see if I take the books back at the end.

1) Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip: "Thou Shall Always Kill". Even you don't like electronica or the monobeat of this song, the lyrics will have you laughing or nodding in recognition. Along the lines of Lazyboy "Underwear Goes Inside the Pants" with less serious social implications, the song lays out a larger view of some of mankind's silliness. My latest love.

2) David Bowie/Freddie Mercury: "Under Pressure". There was a time, a Vanilla Ice time, when I could not bear to hear this song without shuddering. I am glad I have the song back in my repertoire. I truly am in love with it. "Under Pressure" is a release for me.

3) Jeff Buckley: "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. I saw the biographical movie of Leonard Cohen's life. "Hallelujah" was one of the only songs I recognized. The man however is amazing. Everyone and their dog has done a version of this song. Jeff Buckley does one of my favorite renditions however. One of my favorite verses:

Well baby I've been here before
I’ve seen this room and I've walked this floor
(You Know)I used to live alone before I knew ya
And I've seen your flag on the marble arch
And Love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

The whole song is a set of strong eloquent but simple verses. I am moved every time I hear it.

4) Elvis Costello: "Oliver's Army", "Accidents Will Happen", "Tear off Your Own Head" and so many more. Elvis Costello has an array of songs which never become stale. I play the song which suits my current mood. The man is a genius.

5) Magnapop: "Lay it Down". For me "Lay it Down" is a song to be played when I am overwhelmed or frustrated. When I play this song I want to make changes, realize the futility of things in the world I can't change, and recognize the consequences of my own actions.

6) Social Distortion: "Highway 101". A song to step on the pedal and drive faster. I remember driving in Southern Cal when I heard this song. I reaffirm something in me when I play the CD.

7) Sam Cooke: "Twisting the Night Away". Do I really need to say anything about this song? The best 'just dance and forget everything' song.

I am going for eight because I realized I left out another favorite.

8) Jack Johnson: "Banana Pancakes" or "Bubble Toes". Both are songs I relax to; I let everything go and smile.

Books will be part two.


Blitz Krieg said...

I do really like Elvis Costello. I was late to find him, Punch the Clock was my first LP after hearing it playing at Peaches Records, but I quickly went back and forward picking up everything I could find.

Seen him and the wife doing their separate car commercials that just came out? Odd.

rennratt said...

I love Elvis Costello.

Sadly, I only recognize three of the artists you mentioned.

I must get out more.

Dragon said...

Jeff Buckley was a talented, talented singer and songwriter. Tragically gone too soon.

His version of Hallelujah is breathtaking. His album, Grace is one of my favourites. I played it in the car this morning on my way to work.

Tracy Lynn said...

Imperial Bedroom is on my all time favorite list and it was my first Elvis purchase, from a discount tape bin at the Base Exchange. He has written the soundtrack to most of my life, and nobody does "You're a terrible bitch and I desire you madly" better.

tiff said...

I'm with Renn - my quest for new music looks to be a lifelong one...

Sea Hag said...

I was listening to Jeff Buckley today too! When 'Hallelujah' came on I wondered how many versions of it I had on my iPod. (The answer was 3.)