Thursday, November 09, 2006

Artists Date - Poetry Thursday

For Poetry Thursday, the assignment was to take ourselves on an artist date as described by Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way. The date to take yourself someplace and let your artist self take over. On this date, we needed to take a poetry snapshot of where the date happened.

On my date, I took myself to a Barnes and Noble located in an outdoor mall where music plays for the patrons walking outside. While sitting drinking my chai, I had a hard time describing the place as poetry. I began asking myself questions to induce an answer. What do I love about being in this Barnes and Noble? Why do I come here to write?

Here is what I came up with:


Smell of autumn on my fingers is fading
Dragging me into hibernation
Moving me to ignore the world
until the sun can yet wake me again

The sun finds my mind
Illuminating my curiosity with Books
Old wisdom and young idealists
Bound in the pages, calling for a read

Winter is coming
The season is not a place holder
tiding you over til love breaks forth
In the season of birth, Spring

Music energizes my body
Move girl, move
This world is not for the sleepy
Find your rhythm and move

Find the words and the movement
The places calling for your attention
Enjoy them all the more
Reliving the experience in writing

If you haven't read The Artist's Way, I suggest it; a great book to jump start creative expression. I bought the book many years ago as a book on tape with a supplement that contained chapter exercises. I am going to dig the book up again.


Voix said...

The first time I did the Artist's Way, I was shocked at how much creative energy I had burbling around inside me just waiting to get out.

The second time I did it, I enrolled in an MFA program.

Anonymous said...

I've heard so much about this, but never got it. Finished my MFA a couple years ago, but I'm still going to check it out!

Erica said...

Beautiful! And apt. And everything that poetry should be. :-)

Winter DOES move me to hibernate a bit, while paradoxically motivating me to be social, with the holidays and merry-making. But you're right - it's not something to get through till something better comes.

Thanks for sharing!

(And since we share this obscene lust for books and the stores they live in, you'll relate - one of my favorite smells is the smell inside a new book. You know that smell.)

madd said...

Chelle..very, very nicely done..! Loved the last..and thanks, I am going to get that book..m

brian said...

Great poem. I love how you have a call to read, to not let the winter drag you done.

tiff said...

Mmm, bookstores. All the possibilities. GREAT poem.

As to the smell of books - I used to love to go to work at the college library, and most loved to file books back in "the stacks." It was mostly the smell I loved! Old paper and ink and bindings, yum.

Paperback Writer said...

I met my husband in our local Barnes and Noble.

Anyway, I will have to find The Artist's Way.