Monday, March 19, 2007


I had a wonderful St. Patty's day. My friend and I went to a party Saturday night. We danced all night. (The living room doubled as a dance floor.) Well, I danced all night. My friend was hanging out with his friends discussing God knows what. I was happy dancing with my new friends on the dance floor while some of the guys were trying to figure out how the computer was connected into the stereo system.

How do you convince someone good manners dictates not to arrive at a party on time or early? We were early enough our hostess had not put on her shoes yet.


As I was driving home last week, I saw an a Ford Explorer with Environmental Police emblazoned on the side. An oxymoron? I tried to take a picture with my camera phone, truly I did, but I lost the vehicle in traffic.


rennratt said...

I join you in your assessment of good manners. I would rather circle the block - or wait at a convenience store - than show up early.

The only exception? If the party thrower is my best friend. Then I would show up early to help prep.

Paperback Writer said...

Yeah, I'll second that motion. It depends on who is throwing the party. If I know that person and I'm good friends then I don't mind showing up early and helping out. If not, then I'll circle the block looking for a "perfect" parking space. Drives Loki crazy.

Cincysundevil said...

Oh ... went to a party with a "friend"! Are we playing the euphemism game? This sounds good and exciting!! Details woman ... lol ... your loyal readers demand it!

And I couldn't agree with you more; you don't show up on time at a party. Always show up fashionably late.