Sunday, December 14, 2008

my mind

Freezing air hits my skin as turn over and burrow under the covers. The power, and in turn the heat, have been out for two days. I am miserable. My head hurts because my asthma is acting up. The love of my life is fairing no better. Neither us wants to get up and yet we both want to leave our new home as soon as possible.

The ice storm on Thursday has taken a toll on us. We are not sleeping well. Our dog, Shadow, is also feeling the affects of the cold. He is up and down all night. We have to watch him. Shadow had surgery Thursday and cannot move around excessively. We cannot tell if he is cold or in pain or both as he moves around during the night.

We eventually leave the house for my finance's art studio where the heat and power are on. We loaded our 92 pound lab in the back of the car with the baby/dog gate, dog bed, and sling for the knee operated on. On the way we pick up coffee.

I immediately slump to the floor of the studio once there; the dog and my coffee beside me. David is painting but going slowly because he is worn out. While painting, David suggests going to my mom's for the night. We can't take another night at home without power.

After a few hours in the studio, we load the dog and all his accessories back into the car and head north to Maine and my mom's house.

My mom's house is warm and warming to our exhausted minds and bodies. We sink into her guest bed as if we have never been warm and comfortable before.

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teahouse said...

Beautiful post! It's wonderful to read on a cold night like tonight.