Monday, January 29, 2007


I finished the Cleanse. I have learned many things about myself.

I will not kill anyone for chocolate. The thought only crossed my mind during the first three days.

I was a habitual coffee drinker. Decaf Vanilla Chai is my new baby.

I do know how to cook. I have prepared many meals over the past few weeks.

I actually feel better without sugar and caffeine through out the day. Prior to the cleanse, this statement was a vicious rumor.

My energy and strength levels have gone up. I can do more at the gym. Watch me jinx myself.

I have no idea how to maintenance is going to work. Friday is dinner and drinks night with friends, emphasis on the drinks.

The cleanse did not interfere with my ability to write- work did. Working on writing more.


rennratt said...

Was the cleanse for health or religious reasons?

Or just out of curiousity?

I am beginning a cleanse this week...

I am thinking junk food.

Cincysundevil said...

My trainer has been talking about me doing some sort of cleansing thing too. Sounds like you did really well with it.

I'm so stoked you're back! We missed ya'!

Don't worry about Friday. You'll just dazzle everyone with your charm and won't need booze.

Chelle said...

Hey Renn - Cleanse was a mix of curiousity and health.

Devil - Thanks - missed you!

Blitz Krieg said...

This is interesting. My doctor crapped on me Monday about my eating habits. Maybe this is how I should start changing them. Well

tiff said...

I could do without chocolate. I think.

Giving up caffeine, on the other hand, might be tough.

Tonight's the first night of "no booze February." Finished up my bottle of beloved bourbon last night, and I already miss it. :>