Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I don't have any resolutions this year. I really haven't thought about them until I read Kaply Monday.

About a month ago my coworker and I decided to go on a cleanse diet. Good for your liver, etc... Since there was no way we'd accomplish what we'd need to with the holidays coming up; we put the diet off until after the New Year.

Clincher: No Coffee. No chocolate. Expect major whining from me over the next three weeks, how long the diet lasts. Not having any chocolate is going to be the killer. I feel it. I've gone without coffee, but.... YIKES!

This week, I am gearing myself up for the next three. I have cut myself down to a cup of coffee a day. I haven't succeeded without the chocolate yet. How do you cut down on MM's? One handful from two? Sigh...

Tiff is in a race to lose thirty five pounds. I'll think about losing weight after I get through the next three weeks.

Do you think I'll have any friends left when I am through?


Voix said...

Hmmm. No chocolate is a tough one. Can you have raw honey? Good Earth decaf tea is a good substitute when you can't have coffee. It's kinda sweet and spicy without any sugar, good for detoxing. Good luck!

Tracy Lynn said...

Oh sweetie. I'll be praying for you.

rennratt said...

Gah. I can go without chocolate easier than I can go without coffee.

I tried to 'kick the habit' a few months ago. I LASTED 26 HOURS.

It ended when my assistant walked up to me with a piping hot cup and hissed "DRINK THIS!"

If you want to kick the habit of chocolate, give all you have away and replace it with CAROB from the health food store. That crap is NASTY. You will be off it before next week.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Chocolate? I can do without too. I have other food vices. ;)

Good luck purging your system.

Anonymous said...

I'll still be your friend after your coffee and chocolate withdrawls ... so purge away!

Voix said...

The first two days of no coffee are the worst, then it's not so bad. I've done a detox similar to this one a few times, and I always feel awesome at the end. Just don't try to lose weight while detoxing -- you'll think too much about how much you miss the good stuff.

Things I loved that were on the "clean food" list -- spicy black beans on rice with steamed spinach, sauteed green beans with garlic, mango and pineapple smoothies, and lots of Moroccan Mint green tea. Don't forget to schedule LOTS of EXTRA sleep. You'll be tired at weird times of the day, too, until your body adjusts.

Neil said...

Erin may be right, but we always rebel against our parents, right? It almost makes you want to punch your dog in front of your kids, so you'll know that they grow up to be animal lovers.

Neil said...

Ugh, that's what happens when you try to copy your name and password!

Here's the real comment --

Good luck to you. But why chocolate as opposed to other sweet vices? Haven't they found that dark chocolate may actually be good for you, eaten in moderation? Or is chocolate your real downfall?

tiff said...

I totally have your back. Feel free to whine to your heart's content however you see fit. I mean, if I can whine back. Because I so totally will.

Oh - and I second the decaf herbal tea thing. It's actually pretty good, and that's coming from someone who drinks Spanish espresso coffee on a daily basis. Done up in the coffeemaker, it's damned fine drinking.