Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Amerikan Passport by Reed Paget

An independent film, released in 1999 with commentary overlaid in 2001, Amerikan Passport takes the viewer around the world with Paget through 1989-1991, where the world changed on all fronts; Tiananmen Square, re-unification of Germany, Gorbachev's perestroika and dissolution of the communist party, Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the first Gulf War, El Salvador, the abolishment of South Africa's apartheid, etc...

The incredible reality in this documentary is accompanied by a surprising candid commentary from Paget that is lacking in most of today's journalists. Paget lets his subjects make his points. He laughs at the intolerance of the prejudiced by balancing the interviews with the eludidating intelligence of the people in the heart of change. He also laughs at himself.

Paget's travels take him to 20 different countries in one of the most politically charged times asking if the US is doing right or wrong in these countries, or sometimes Paget lets the camera simply watch the events taking place. The answers and observations might surprise viewers of this film.

I won't keep spinning this film in my own direction, but I will strongly urge people to watch it. If you can't catch it on the Independent Film Channel, try and order it. I warn you Netflix won't have this film.

Interview with Paget: http://www.indiewire.com/people/int_Paget_Reed_990813.html


Anonymous said...

this movie kickass. i've caught it on IFC 2 times now, but can't find a place to buy it! if anyone knows, please leave a comment and help a brother out.

Chelle said...

Yes it is kickass and apparently doesn't have a release on DVD/VHS. At least not a release that is readily apparent.

My suggestion is to record it or contact IFC to see what they suggest. Let me know what you find out and I will repost this with your findings as IFC is showing the film again.