Wednesday, November 30, 2005

UPS Deliveries

I ordered a printer recently. The UPS man just came by to deliver it. I, unfortunately, was still in my PJs. ( I work at home these days.)

The doorbell rang and I gave a yell of "oh shit!". Nevermind the tracking # HP gave me says that the package will arrive tomorrow.

I scrambled to get into my clothes. My DAMN FUCKING bra would not clasp. It claspes when I am not in a hurry but wouldn't fucking clasp now. Had to drag the clasps around the front to work them. I pulled on a shirt and jeans and ran madly to the door.

There was a little sticker on the window informing me of the next drop-off. The UPS guy was pulling down the street. I ran out waving my arms; note I did not have shoes on and it is raining. I see the brown van turn the corner. My heart sank. Then he backed up. He'd seen me!!!

Alas, no. He backs up, and then I wait for him to turn back down the street. Nothing. I figure he is making another delivery. He has backed up into a dead end and will turn back down my street as soon as he completes his mission. I'll catch him when he does.

So I wait under the overhang outside my home.

And I wait.

Eventually my ears pick up the sound of a truck being started. I tense wth excitement.

The truck passes down the other street.



Erica said...

Hey, Michelle -

Just reading your blog for the firs time in a while. I think I visited earlier this summer but you hadn't posted lately. Glad to see you are doing so again - love your posts so far. And I totally hate Wal-Mart with you (for every reason you stated AND those of the politically correct). :-)

Sorry about your UPS guy. Murphy's Law and all that. (sigh)

Chelle said...

big sigh on Murphy's Law. I am totally addicted to your blog as well.

Chelle said...

big sigh on Murphy's Law. I am totally addicted to your blog as well.