Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Don't know why...

This article struck me as hilarious. If you don't want to read it, I'll summarize. To avoid missing a flight, a man called in a bomb threat to delay the plane from taking off.

His lawyer says, "This was a momentary gross lapse in judgment."

Ya think?

Sends chuckles throughout my heart; sick I know.

Does anyone know what type of thermos to buy that will keep liquids, coffee, hot and not make the liquid taste like aluminum?


Cincysundevil said...

It's funny that you ask this question: I used to work at a coffee shop and we sold Nissan thermos. They're a bit more expensive, but they will keep things hot or cold for hours. I have a mug that I can put ice into before I go to bed; I'll wake up 8 hours later and there is still ice in it.

Try this link: http://www.coffee-makers-espresso-machines.com/thermosnissan.html

Chelle said...

Very cool. Thank you! I was spitting coffee yesterday.