Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall Leaves

The fire trees are muted, a week now past.
No longer does the bright yellow drift into ruby tops.

A Nor'easter blew in Saturday.
Gale force wind and rain left a toll.

The current aspect of leaves would make an impressionist proud.

Studying the trees like a painting,
from the outside, huddled in my jacket

Sunday 10/29/2006


Wordnerd said...

Methinks its a wee bit more chilly where you are these days. This was a beautiful piece. Just beautiful.

Chelle said...

Thanks you.

tiff said...

Look at the poetry! I really like "the current aspect of leaves." Neat!

my0p said...

I enjoyed this poem very much, the bright-colored leaves are quickly fading to brown piles on the ground ...