Monday, December 19, 2005

Bye Music Bye

I am throwing out my cassettes.  Throwing them out is the hardest thing I have to do.  I feel like they are my first love in some way even though I haven't paid much attention to them in years.  I've been picking up each one and examining it for value.  The ones I miss the most will be getting a replacement CD.  So far the Candyskins, Todd Snider and Iggy Pop have made it into the CD replacements.  These bands I still can jam and be ridiculous with.  I am still in love with them.

The others?  Well, the other cassettes I am still drifting through.  Drifting in the odd remembrance of a favorite memory.  I have a lot of cassettes whose artists names most people have never heard of and probably never should.  Some are quite cheesy, and I am big fan of cheese.

But I loved them at one time and I love them still, in a way.  Love them for that memory of "once upon a time".  Those cassettes are then ones that will be tossed. No CD will replace the memory, and like many childhood toys I won't play them again.

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Erica said...

The Candyskins! Had forgotten about them but LOVE them.

I know what you mean about tossing them. I still have a cassette case (remember CaseLogic products?) that holds 20, that is full of tapes an ex gave me. The ex is long gone, obviously, but the tapes remain. Hard to part with them even if the sentiment is gone. The songs are still good as are the memories associated with it.

I do, however, still also have the tapes Aileen and I made in our teens. Very silly tapes. Bad and embarrassing to listen to now. "Top 10 Things Not to Do" followed by soundbytes from 10 songs with "Don't" - Don't do it, don't tell me you love me, don't leave me now, don't let the sun go down on me... you get the idea.