Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hypothermic Joggers

This morning the temperature outside was six degrees. Instead of walking to get coffee as I normally do, I warmed up my car and drove. On the way, not one, not two, but three joggers were out.

I have to ask, why?

I admire their commitment. I applaud it. But the thought of stepping out in spandex (spandex alone would scare me) and a sweatshirt in single digit weather is enough to drive me further under the covers.

I love New England. I love where I live, but ya'll when it comes to weather these people are nuts.

I've mentioned the joggers in Winter, but the swimmers in Summer are just as insane. They willingly go into freezing water that will never warm up the entire time they are swimming. My first summer I dove into a swimming pool that contained freezing water. I was doing laps like crazy. The water never warmed up. After thirty minutes of shivering and exhaustion beginning to set in, I got out and swore never to go back in.

It must just be me. I grew up swimming in Gulf of Mexico on the Florida beaches. I'm biased towards water that doesn't demand you swim like a maniac to keep warm but invites you dive in to see what water really holds.

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