Thursday, December 08, 2005

De Nile

I was wondering if this post should end up on my rant page, but the more I thought about it, the more I understood that I had posts for both pages.

I was watching a documentary on the three major monotheisitic religions in the world. I began to wonder my old wonder of how long was it going to take for people to learn. These religions have been fighting and oppressing for centuries. (this is where the vent comes in) Has all this fighting worked? Are the people of these religions any further to winning anything?

I also wondered what kept the leaders, the people, whomever, going? A passion. A belief that somehow someway something will be achieved.

I understand this. I have felt at times that I have something so rare and wonderful that working towards, fighting (verbally not physically) for, reaching out in someway for whatever it is that I have can't be bad.

Well. I'm wrong. At least in the sense about the way I go about achieving what I want to achieve. I'm not wrong in feeling how I feel but my manner of expression could be better. Why did I not realize this until watching a documentary?

De Nile.

That damn river in Egypt has done it again. Can't give the river all the credit. I am a past master at navigating this particular river.

Being dazzled by your feelings is nothing new. Most people get a honeymoon period to bask in new feelings before the sun comes out of their eyes and they get to choose whether to deepen their feelings to realness or walk away.

Religion, and not just religious fervor, dazzles so many people to their core more often than love does. The sun is constantly in the eyes with no opportunity to see.

Anyhow I understand the religious conflict better now. I understand myself a little better now. I still wonder why people can't find peace and see how much they have in common more than they are oppossed.

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