Tuesday, December 20, 2005

White Christmas

Yesterday I was out with a friend, Jennifer, Christmas shopping. When we stopped for lunch, she told me that she had been invited to see White Christmas at the Wang Theater. My friend rolled her eyes and looked at me; "A musical! A Christmas Musical!". Another eye roll.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVE White Christmas; one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. Will watch it every Christmas with the same excitement other people watch It's a Wonderful Life.

While under the shock that she had never seen White Christmas or heard of it, I told her that it was not a musical (not an opera) that every word was sung. White Christmas had an actual plot and the story line was quite heart warming. (sorry Jen - still not over the shock that you didn't know this movie).

By the time I finished telling her the story behind the movie, she was, not eager, but not dreading going to the Wang.

Think I made a musical convert?


dahlizyx said...

You know, and don't hurt me or anything, but I've never seen White Christmas either. To give myself credit, though, I do know that it has a plot.

But then, operas have plots too, silly girl ;-)

Chelle said...

nah - no hurting required. Just was stunned that she didn't know the movie and she thought that it would be opera like - all song. :)

Jennifer said...

I am not a blog writer just a reader, however, the experience of White Christmas at the Wang just might convert me. It was atrocious; not just our seats ~ so high that we could appreciate the facial details of cherubs floating on the gold leafed CEILING! (oh yeah) but the actors appeared so small from that height that we all joked the cast was made up of midgits and white-knuckled the armrests with the changing of scenes (you know how you lose your stomach on a roller-coaster...that really shouldn't happen at the theatre). Worse yet, approximately half of the audience made a run for the exits at intermission which seemed so long in the coming that I was considering a leap from the SECOND BALCONY, STAGE RIGHT to my untimely DEATH. No plot, bad acting, and OK music do not a White Christmas make. Sorry Michelle!

Chelle said...

Ah well. Bad play. No convert today. Sorry.