Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Guest List

The Guest List I thought was a magical thing, a key that would unlock the door to adventures when I was eighteen and worshipped at the alters of guitars and drums.

The music store where I worked allowed me access to the guest list. All the guitar and drum brethren were there and some who worshipped the keyboard and the bass. Better, some of the chosen played and happily would place me on the list.

I, full of excitement each and every time, put out on the wire to all friends: we are going to a club. The gang dressed to the nines, a dead giveaway, and headed for the club where the barrier awaited us.

The bouncer, the one man who never understood that we held the key: we were on the list. The doors should spring open and let us through, shouldn't they?

They never did. Not even when I was a forty year old woman three inches shorter with blue eyes or so my ID told these paragons of bouncerdom.

I would turn away, denied what I thought was mine, heading with friends to some all- ages place.


bookfraud said...

ah, can't ever win with the bouncer, guest list or not. happened to me time and again, particularly since i was the least cool human in the universe. "denied what i thought was mine" says it all. as they say, you're better off not caring.

Chelle said...

Bookfraud - that's the only way I can tell the story now - is not caring. That and I'm tired of my best friend rolling her eyes when she tells it.

Neil said...

But I'm sure that bouncer still has to live with the guilt, so he's getting his own punishment.

my0p said...

what a memorable disappointment ... if you get back in touch with someone close, whom you have not seen or spoken to, in say, more than a decade, that person may recall details of events involving you that you hadn't given thought to, or you had completely forgotten about and vice versa. Strange how memories are selective as layers of of time are added to them.

Chelle said...

Neil - You made me supper happy thinking the bouncer felt guilty having deprived hapless teens of their god given right to live music.

my0p - you are so right. though sometimes I am scared to ask. ;)

Cincysundevil said...

I'm in no way cool enough for the guest list. Even when I showed up with an ID that listed me as Antonio Banderas ... still not cool enough!