Saturday, April 01, 2006

Something's Nutty in the World of Chocolate

What the ?

Remember when chocolate was chocolate? When Hershey and Snickers stood for candybars that made your teeth rot and would ruin the dinner your mom made? Or when the candybars were just a chocolate fix you had to have?

No more!!

Now you can get a Payday Pro Energy bar!

Try a the new line of Snickers Marathon bars: an Energy bar, an Energy bar for Women, for you Atkins' lovers - a Low Carb Lifestyle bar, or a Performance Protein bar.

Now while chewing each cardboard bite(I actually haven't tried these brands, but from research into other "performance bars" most taste icky.), you can make believe that you are eating that sinful candybar.

(Ok, maybe the point chocolate companies are making is they can make 'health' bars taste good.)

In reality, would I buy a 'health' bar from a candy company? Only if I wanted to pretend that I was eating something healthy.

But I can pretend I am eating healthy with a regular chocolate bar. Milk chocolate has vitamin D, calcium, and iron. Dark chocolate has anti-oxidants. Chocolate with nuts has....


Cincysundevil said...

I so agree with you. I have a great imagination. I always imagine that the 44oz Cherry Limeade is really just one of those flavored effervescent waters.

Chelle said...


Minge said...

Hate to be a wudie... But here in Scotland, a pay-day pro is a hooker you pick up when you've picked up your salary cheque.

Chelle said...

You must let me know if Paydays make it to Scotland.