Monday, April 17, 2006

Patriots' Day

To make up a snow day, a few years ago, my grad accounting class met Patriots Day afternoon. We had a our midterm coming up and needed the extra session. I had lived in Boston for four months and the dawning of spring seemed like a blessing. This was the first warm week since winter. The windows were open and every few minutes a cheer would break through our professor's lecture. Marathoners were running past.

Patriots' Day was the first holiday that I spent in Boston and the first new holiday to me since I came into this world. I had never celebrated Patriot's Day in Georgia.

Today is a fun day. The Sox are playing. The Marathon is running. No matter what the calendar or the weather says, this day is the definite welcoming of Spring.


Cincysundevil said...

I'm sure the weather is much more pleasant in Mass. than down here in GA! We nearly hit 90 the past few days ... it's getting to that "I'm sweating like a stuck pig weather"

Megan said...

Today is Patriots' Day? Dude, I didn't even know this holiday existed. Then again, I live in CA; I blame the sun for rotting my brain.

Sounds like a lovely day in MA!

Chelle said...

It's a very wierd holiday. I thought Mass people made Pats Day up to avoid paying taxes for one more day.

Because of the holiday, our taxes were not due until today.

Then I lived here and realized that Pat's Day is a day to celibrate Spring, the marathon, and the Sox.

Not bad.

Neil said...

Learn something new all the time online! Patriot's Day?

Chelle said...

See what cha learn when you learn when you go bogging early in the morning.

Voix said...

Holidays are awesome, but very tough to explain to immigrants -- I find myself doing just that over and over again.