Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Midday Walk

The sun is pouring radiation down on the river. House windows are gleaming reflecting activity that surrounds them.

My eyes squint to see the contractors putting up a new house on the water front. Impulsively I wave. One waves back surprised at the hello from a stranger.

A bicyclist passes me with a "nice day" and I smile a yes.

The mommy and me group power walk their strollers. Grandkids are playing on the green.

A guy at the vitamin store is complaining about tax season as I make my purchase that will counter balance some of the junk I place in my mouth.

Boys are discussing boats unloading for the start of season at the sandwich shop.

One business guy is contemplating life along the crowded boardwalk.

The river is glistening.

Midday joggers are standing waiting for coffee at a local shop while people with laptops are huddled at the tables.

A few steps more and I arrive at my door.

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