Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Women can be Disgusting

The secret is out and I can't cover for my gender any longer. Go into any women's bathroom or locker room and the truth will be revealed.

Disgusting behavior comes when a woman, the culprit, believes in assured anonymity. I'll try to spare you the most unmentionable details.

Examples from my gym:

  • A large wad of hair was seen on the floor of the ladies' locker room. (Dead hair tends to gross me out and make me gag.) Through the gagging reflex, my conscious thought was that some chick had cleaned out her hair brush dumping the remains for everyone to get sick over. Thank you very much. As I headed out to the weight room, I passed a trash can that also contained another lovely wad of the same color hair. Ugh. This poor woman was loosing her hair and must have been freaking out to leave behind such evidence on the floor of the locker room and on the top of the trash bin, right?

  • During the winter, the ickiest place on earth is the woman's bathroom at the gym. On any given day, toilet paper and a snow mud slush combine together on the bathroom floor making using the bathroom without staying on your tip toes impossible.

Public Bathroom examples in general:

  • Splatters of urine left on the toilet seat by the squatters

  • Paper towels / toilet paper strewn across the floor

  • One woman, who muttered an apology as I passed her to enter the one stall bathroom, left such a nasty surprise she herself refuse to flush it. Thank you for leaving me that wonderful task.
I wonder if I am the only woman to clean the public facilities that I use because of the above behavior.

Fellow blogger Mopey Southern Chick wrote about bathroom humor today and for a moment I thought she stole my blog idea. While I know there are voices in my head, I am pretty sure she's not one of them. But that's another story for another day...


Voix said...


I think you need to find a different gym. Mine isn't anything like that.

Ew ew ew ew ew.

Chelle said...

Michele- You read my mind. Just signed up for a trial membership for the gym near my house.

little sister :) said...

yesterday in the bathroom at old navy, i dropped a roll of tp and it rolled for three stalls. at home i would have picked it up. since i didn't have any latex gloves and it rolled in god knows what on the floor, i just left it. besides, if we didn't have people drop tp on the floor, we wouldn't have those unknowing folks walking around with it on their shoes.

Chelle said...

LOL - Now I understand. The TP is for comic effect. I am just a little slow....

my0p said...

Yep, typical pet peeve of mine, too. Trashy women leaving their mess in bathrooms. Another thing, someone talking on a cell phone whle they are relieving themselves. gross, gross!!!!

Chelle said...

I haven't seen many women talking on the phone in the bathroom. I have seen a few guys walk into a bathroom on their cell and come out talking on their cell. (Having an co-worker in my department with a cubicle near the bathrooms allowed me to see this phenom.)

I too have to say ewwww! People don't need to talk to you while you are in the bathroom.