Tuesday, May 02, 2006

6 am

Morning 5:30 am:

catch up on blog reading while coffee is brewing.

Morning 6:12 am:

coffee is done and I am still at my computer.

Morning 6:13 am

can't move...... willing coffee to pour itself and come to me..........

Morning 6:14 am:

ARRRRRGGGGGGGG ..... I don't have this much patience. Going to get coffee.


kylar said...

That's funny. Brightened my day and has given me the motivation to will MY coffee to do the same!

Next, I'll get Anna Nicole Smith to say something intelligent.

Hi, by the way...

Chelle said...

Hi Kylar!!! Let me know if you get the coffee/will thing to work. Really, no luck on this end.

kylar said...

No luck either, but I did manage to make it fall over and stain my lovely white keyboard.

I shall keep honing my telekinetic powers. I want my 15 minutes of fame! (Thankyou Dr. Phil)

Thanks for the comment by the way.