Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cable Guy!

I am waiting for the Cable Guy!

Jim Carey - I wish. Come on -make me laugh dude.

Last weekend's allergy explosion that sent me to the couch all Saturday and most of the day Sunday has prompted me to return to standard cable.

At least now, I'll know what shows people are talking about and I can watch my beloved baseball without paying a fortune.

While I wait for said cable man, I took a trip into the past from a good friend's post. Check it out. (Yes - it's about music. Deal. I'm a music geek: sue me.)


my0p said...

Hmm, my husband and I haven't ever subscribed to cable ourselves in the decade of marriage. We got our first TV in late 2002 and it was free, a damaged big screen. Shortly afterwards, we bought a VCR and DVD player that year and I went crazy buying VHS and DVDs. So if I get unbelievably sick, I fall back on DVDs mostly. And I do get strange looks sometimes from people when I say we have no cable/satellite in our household.

dahlizyx said...

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless.

Eleven tracks of pure perfection.