Monday, May 15, 2006


I don't believe in 'signs'. OK. Sometimes I do. Or at least I do for a small space of time.

Lately I have been thinking of moving. I am not sure about it.

Once I the thought began to grow in my mind, I began getting offers to interview in a certain city; Raleigh, NC. The interviews were for jobs I didn't want and did not want to consider. Very IT and very one-sided. Part of the job I have now is working to set up a redundancy office in Raleigh.


Is that a sign or have I just begun to notice that my skills are desirable in a tech hotspot?

I have begun to notice other places as well, just not with the same consistency as Raleigh.

Honestly I don't want to move back to the South. North Carolina is a little different. The state has mountains and snow. Still the South.

What's left? West Coast or a Rocky Mountain State- preferably not too far north.

Signs are really about desires and what comes about as a result of those desires.

Do I want to move or change the place I am in?


little sister :) said...

move south,move south, move south,
move south,move south, move south,
move south,move south, move south,
move south,move south, move south,
move south,move south, move south,
is my brainwashing working?

we miss you here in the south.


tiff said...

Raleigh is rather nice - I live near there!!! Came down from CT a year ago and am never looking back.

Chelle said...

You both are rather effective brainwashers. !!!:)

economeer said...'re kidding, right? Don't listen to them!

If you do return south of the ol mason-dixon, does this mean I'm allowed to leave again? *fingers crossed, praying earnestly with eyes tightly shut*

Chelle said...

If.... If....

If only the world revolved on an if.


Think you are going to have to make your own luck.

Voix said...

Minneapolis is a great city, and no where near the south.

Just thought I'd throw my voice in the ring.

Sorry you've been sick! Me, too. Sucks, huh?

Chelle said...

hate allergies. they suck.