Sunday, May 28, 2006

Does Love Conquer All

Does Love Conquer All?

In a discussion with a friend, the subject came up. He said no. At the time I agreed with him. Why? Because love seems so rarely to conquer anything much less all. I am wrong though.

I remember love takes all forms; infinite possibilities on every color of love.

Love can conquer all. It frequently does conqueror many. People stay in relationships that are not good because of love.

People are not willing to sacrifice themselves to love. Sometimes relationships breakup because someone will not lose his/her values to keep the relationship going. Good or bad, I don't know. Probably neither.

A thousand ways to act on love or not.

I know if you let it, love can feed you. I find strength in love, being loved and loving.

But should love conquer all? Is looking at love like a conqueror even sane?

Most feelings and actions are individualized. Why not love?

I like to think of love as a most personal decision and feeling -part of the self that spreads outward- something to share.

Will love conqueror all?

Hell if I know.


little sister :) said...

all you need is love, why would the beatles lie?

Neil said...

I never really understood this statement from the beginning. What does love conquer? The obstacles of getting together -- like Romeo and Juliet? What happens to them after they win their love? That's when the real troubles begin.

Chelle said...

Lil sis - The Beatles never lie in song. For every situation in life there is a Beatle song. Said to Ian, by me, inside a Johnny Rockets.

Chelle said...

Neil - exactly the sentiment that had me re-examining the statement.

economeer said...

love is really good at conquering a checking account (or a savings account for that matter)....