Monday, February 13, 2006

Digging Out

Realizations from a Blizzard

  1. Maybe watching the Olympics is a good idea.
  2. Spandex-clad joggers jog through snow, sleet, wind and rain. Coincidence same is said of postal workers? I think not.

  3. Your house is your home... for at least two days.

  4. Tea and hot chocolate are your best friends.

  5. It's not the best time to realize that your snow boots and shovel are in the car.

  6. Thermals really do work.

  7. Shoveling has to be good exercise otherwise my thighs and biceps would not hurt so much... ouch.

  8. Snow drifts that are taller than you, natural or from a snow plow, are impressive if not a little scary.

  9. Funny stupid hats are no longer funny; they are ingenious devices that really keep your head warm.

  10. You develop an appreciation for ski masks.

  11. When walking in the cold, bring tissues. You'll know what I mean when you go inside somewhere.

  12. When your car finally gets plowed out, remember to bring your license and money.

  13. The radio station telling you that temp outside is colder than Fargo means nothing.

  14. People are cooler when you shovel out together.


Neil said...

Any chance of seeing a photo of you all bundled up with a ski mask and boots?

Chelle said...

Your wish is my command. The pic is best I can do for now.

my0p said...

LOL, I do not miss blizzards. Or -20 degree temps for that matter. Or a hurting back from shoveling. ;-]

my0p said...
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