Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One of those Days

Ever have one of those days where no matter what you do you can't get out of your own way much less anyone else's?

I had just finished cursing the screw that stripped itself for no apparent reason. (adding this now as I still can't get stupid ass screw out of F***** wall) and giving it a rest, decided to get some errands done.

I went to the grocery store with the purpose of buying dishwashing soap. I just received a new dishwasher, for which I am overjoyed. I have been washing dishes by hand for four years. This has become my most hated chore to the point that I stopped cooking dinner and began microwaving pre-packaged foods instead.

As frequently happens at the store, I began shopping for everything else but the item I needed. Moving through the store cart in hand, every aisle I went down I seemed to have to move my cart out of someone's way. I said excuse me more times than I want to count.

The thing was I wasn't being dense. I moved my cart off to the side when browsing the shelves. I didn't stand in the middle of the aisle. However, every corner I came around and every aisle I went down there was someone coming the opposite way. Apparently I was in the wrong every time because of the pointed looks the person pushing the other cart would send me.

I had begun to move through the supermarket abjectly. About half way through my shopping, I started noticing that one lady kept appearing in the same aisles as me. She was one of the people I had said 'excuse me' to near the beginning of my grocery experience. I don't know why but I became desperate to avoid her.

I changed course and wound up in the flower section. Flowers would make me feel better. I picked out a pretty bouquet and resumed shopping.

Finally, I left the store packages in hand. I managed to remember the dishwashing liquid and some honey for the new chai tea I am trying. Not a bad ending.


Neil said...

Since you are a newbie -- the dishwasher powder is better than the liquid.

Trix said...

I feel the same way about cleaning my toilet. Have they invented one that cleans itself yet?

Chelle said...

nah. Sorry. Even with those plop-in toilet bowl cleaners that supposedly work for months - nothing beats the brush.