Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Waiting on Cheap Suits

Cheap Suits is an unsigned band, and I can't image why other than possible lack of exposure. The band rocks some serious ska. Love their last album Canadian Idles.

The band has released a new album One Giant Leap. I ordered the CD about two weeks ago from a Canadian Music site, Maple Music. I am trying to wait patiently for it, but every day when I check the mailbox - no CD.

The scenario I imagine is this:

  • Maple Music sends an email to Cheap Suits or their manager and tells them an order has come in.
  • The band grabs the master DAT (do they have DATs anymore?) or CD off a shelf and burns my CD.
  • The band then heads to Kinkos and makes a copy of the CD art cover.
  • Once everything is pieced together, the CD is sent to Maple Music for delivery.
Am I being a thoroughly impatient American? Am I too used to Amazon.com or ordering from my local music store? Maybe this is the perils of ordering music from an unsigned artist?

Canadian Idles I ordered last year in December and figured the holiday season slowed down the three week delivery, but this order seems to be taking just as long.

I love this band. Truly I do. I want my CD!!!!!!

Someone send me some cheese with my whine.


my0p said...

Curious, I sure hope you got your Cheap Suits CD by now, mariemm3 ? Yesh, what a long wait .... I do not know if new studio recordings are called DATs anymore. Good question ...

Chelle said...

It's all CD now.

I think I just love saying DAT.

What up with DAT?
DAT the bomb!
You think you all DAT?