Friday, February 10, 2006

Surveys from my Psyche

Perhaps the weirdest part of my psyche is that I love to do surveys on completely random curiosities.

Brand New to the Surveying poll:
  • How many colors has your pee or poop changed?

This question is thanks to the WVSR Feb 10th post.He says his kids' cereal will turn your poop cobalt blue. Cereal has changed over time. Don't think poop changes color put I know urine does.

Past surveys have included:
  • How much change does it take a person to jingle when they walk? Do guys jingle more than women? How can guys sit on wallets? Shouldn't that be uncomfortable?

Survey says: Women tend jingle more because they tend to keep change over time. Wallets are not hard to sit on though it depends on what the guy has in there. I don't remember the exact amount of change it takes to jingle but it is a lot.

  • Do you think kissing should be a contest on a sports channel?

Survey says: This was posed to a group of college students on my behalf. They answered no. I still think this one is worth a shot because every kiss is judged by the lips on the other end.

  • Are men willing to buy tampons for women?
Survey says: About 50/50. Not so much because men are not willing to buy them but women tend to keep up with their own feminine needs.

  • Do guys really poop at the same time everyday?
Survey says: Yes. Guys poop at the same time every day. Weird.


Erica said...

I can't tell if you're asking for other answers but here goes anyway:

1. Poop does change color. Look in any diaper. Even adult poop changes color from time to time.

2. Change jingling? No opinion cause I never have any! Change, that is.

3. Should kissing be a contest on a sports channel? No.

4. Are men willing to buy tampons for women? I have yet to meet a man who could even SAY tampon, much less consider touching a box of them, or carrying them to a counter...

5. Do men poop at the same time every day? Living with a 35 y.o. man and 7 y.o. boy, I can say - YES and it's creepy.

Chelle said...

Absolutely want responses. What I got by phone on the latest survey is that beet juice (ew) and some sort of red cake can turn poop a nice shade of "oh my god do I need to go to the hospital" red.