Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kiss Kiss Kisses

My friend Robin and I were talking about the stuff we enjoy most. Kissing is near the top or at the top of my list.

I like long slow kisses that last a lifetime. Kissing that leaves me breathless is the best. Short kisses out of the blue put a smile on my face. Secret kisses keep me warm for hours. I like going to sleep with a kiss almost as much as I love waking up to one. I love kissing in all its forms.

Kissing can be far more intimate than sex. In light of the intimacy factor, kissing for me is highly selective. (NOT more selective than sex.) Once I had kissed someone because I just wanted to know if the lips he was sporting tasted as wicked as they looked. Bad mistake. Why? 'Cause I had no real interest in the guy. Next time he went to kiss me I ducked and tried to control the disinterest on my face.

When I tell my guy friends this story, they look at me like I have grown an extra head. Girls get it though. Lesson learned here: you never kiss anyone you are not interested in. OK, like duh.

The subject once prompted me to do a survey. I asked friends how important kissing was in a relationship. The follow up question: does kissing become less important over time? Most surveyed said kissing was important in a relationship and that importance did not lessen much over time. (if you want exact statistics, you are odder than I am)

Again, if you think it's odd that I would take a survey, you could be right. However, a friend told me kissing was not very important in her relationship. I stood there with my mouth agape for.... what day is it? ... I still do not comprehend. So was born the survey out of this statement.

Kissing, to me, is better in a relationship. There always has to be that first kiss. Not to say that a first kiss is bad. First kisses can be very good, but are better when they happen with someone whom I've formed a connection with first.

I am going to go sigh for awhile in reflection.


Erica said...

I have always always ALWAYS dreaded the first kiss because what if it's bad? And what if I already like the guy? Sure, I believe in second chances. And yes, a guy can be trained to kiss properly but ... I don't know. It was always such a relief when the kiss was good. I would do almost anything to put off finding out, though, if I thought I liked the guy for sure. odd? I am odd. And kisses are better when you have a connection, and kisses are just as important now as they were 13 years ago, when they first started (in my relationship).

Marty said...

So do women really judge the inevitabilty of the relationship by the first kiss? Hmmmm?